Swift Rebuttal

Those who feel a 1-litre subcompact will not meet their family needs should check out the new Suzuki Swift

Handsome Revival

Suzuki has revived an old name for a new SUV model that compares well with the S-Cross

Vitara Revival

Suzuki has revived an old product name from its 4x4 history for a new model, but it’s a well-rounded

True to the brand

Some customers remain loyal to just one marque as a matter of personal needs and preference.

Suzuki Ciaz review Thai fighter

Suzuki’s newest four-door saloon hits something of a sweetspot in the market

Small Car with Big Potential

The Suzuki Ciaz is a sharp-looking sedan with a hint of sportiness

Vitara Revitalised

The new Suzuki Vitara's design and driveability make it a different car from the 80's icon

Vitalising Vitara

The new Suzuki Vitara marks a strong return with a fresh urban focus, good value, loads of kit and a decent drive

Vita Brevis

Suzuki’s Vitara SUV is now smaller, funkier, cheaper to own, but also built to a price

Samurai SWAT Team

The current and previous generations of the Suzuki Vitara are designed to conquer suburbia with their special weapons and tactics