Our Brand Values

"Excitement" is the central value of the Suzuki brand. We're driven to go beyond customers' satisfaction, to exceed expectations and to delight, thereby earning affection, trust and loyalty. It is the unexpected, the unique and different that makes our brand stand out.

Every value of Suzuki works together to express our Suzuki "Way of Life!". Suzuki's rational values - "straightforward" and "value" - join forces with its two emotional values - "sporty" and "spirit" - to create the central value of "Excitement" that we bring to you.

Our group

Drawing inspiration from the Studebaker Champion, Champion Motors believe in the same principle that this classic car stands for - revolutionary in spirit.

Established in 1975, Champion Motors is part of the Inchcape Group of UK, which is a leading independent global automotive distributor and retailer. To bring greater convenience to our customers, Champion Motors has four service centres located around the island and the main showroom at 10 Chang Charn Road #01-00, Link (THM) Building, Singapore 159639, where there is a one-stop shop for accessories, parts sales and service maintenance.

Mr. Voon Chin Chao

Senior Sales Manager Telephone: 6631 1118 Email: cr@inchcape.com.sg

At Suzuki, we exceed customer expectations, surprise and delight them, and earn their affection, trust and loyalty in markets across the globe. Suzuki products are more than durable, well-crafted and reliable, they are packed with performance and value, yet we always remember to include fun. Hence, should you have any feedback feel free to contact me so that we can further enhance our service quality to exceed your expectations.

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AFF Suzuki Cup 2018
04 October 2018 ,