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Peace of mind with regular maintenance

Regular maintenance optimises safety, comfort, reliability and performance of your Suzuki. This avoids serious and costly problems, saving you money in the long run. Your Suzuki also gets regal maintenance treatment that includes a complimentary car wash, interior vacuum, engine wash and an after-service road test. To keep your Suzuki in top condition and with warranty benefits, we recommend regular servicing every 6 months or every 10,000km, whichever occurs first.


Assurance with only genuine parts

Every Suzuki car is composed of 20,000 to 30,000 genuine parts which meet the rigorous test standard for performance, quality, durability, safety and comfort. Each genuine part is the perfect match for your Suzuki. Choose only Suzuki genuine parts to maintain your Suzuki in top condition at all times.

Accuracy with Suzuki experts

Our Suzuki technicians know best about your Suzuki through our day-to-day experience with only Suzuki cars! Our service managers and technicians receive the latest news and training on technical, diagnostic and repair. Coupled with Suzuki proprietary diagnostic tool and special repair instruments, our Suzuki experts have the most advanced equipments and processes to ensure accurate diagnosis and faster service time.