the suzuki hybrid experience

The Suzuki Way of Life isn’t just zippy fun and cool looks, it’s about paving the way to a better, brighter future. One that delivers both driving excitement and greater fuel savings for you, while being more sustainable for the world around you.

This is the Suzuki Hybrid Experience. The better way to move.

smart hybrid vehicle by suzuki (shvs)

Lightweight, compact, and powerful, our SHVS mild hybrid system combines an Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) and a 12V lithium-ion battery. This aids fuel efficiency and torque without adding too much weight—delivering greater cabin spaciousness and giving you the benefits of hybrid driving without the cost/weight penalties that come with it. Found across our hybrid range, the SHVS is the backbone of our push towards a cleaner, greener future.


improved power

The dual power sources deliver instant torque and better acceleration-driving performance that'll always excite.


greater fuel savings

Improved fuel efficiency means longer drives and better long-term fuel savings, taking you further than ever before.


lower co2 Emissions

A better drive, for you and the environment. The increased mileage means lower planet-warming CO2 emissions-the forward-thinking way to get around.


A quieter drive

Ahh, silence. The hybrid system delivers a smoother quieter driving experience-your private sanctuary on the road.


It’s time to get spicy—sustainably. Our favourite sporty hot hatch isn’t just perfect for the city with its compact size and zippy performance—it delivers amazing fuel efficiency of 24.4km/L too, powered by its 1.2L DUALJET engine! Get Swifter today!


Ready to level up? At home on the track or in the city, the Swift Sport is legendary for its exhilarating, turbocharged performance and smooth handling with its exclusively manual transmission. But now, the Sport also delivers incredible fuel efficiency—an impressive 21.2km/L in fact. Ready to get in the cockpit?


The retro look of the Suzuki Ignis isn’t the only thing that makes our quirky urban compact SUV different. Its out-of-the-box efficiency is, too! Featuring an integrated self-charging mild hybrid system supporting its high-torque 1.2L DUALJET engine, the Ignis is surprisingly zippy while delivering hybrid benefits like a quieter ride, lower CO2 emissions and greater fuel economy—so you can make the Suzuki Way of Life go even further!