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Great things come in small packages when you buy a Suzuki

Suzuki’s lineup of cars are true automotive trendsetters, and lets you stand out from the crowd while delivering excellent value

It is often said that your car is an extension of your personality, and if you’re an innovative trailblazer who likes to stand out from the crowd, then Suzuki is absolutely the perfect car brand to match your style.

With an impeccable combination of style and substance, Suzuki's car lineup proves that driving in Singapore can be both thrilling and enjoyable. This experience comes without any compromise on the practical aspects of daily driving, including fuel efficiency, user-friendly features and all-round dependability.

The Suzuki Jimny is like nothing else on the road

Who says you can’t be small and mighty? The Suzuki Jimny instantly debunks the myth that toughness only needs to come in big packages. Its pint-sized dimensions hides a rugged and capable off-roader that can contend in all road conditions, while at the same time it keeps you safe in the rough with safety features such as hill hold, hill descent control, and vehicle sway warning.

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With its 1.5-litre naturally-aspirated engine and ALLGRIP PRO 4WD system, the Jimny can take on anything that nature throws at it. Whether it is trails, mud, rock, sand or water, nothing can stop the Jimny in its way. It is the perfect companion to take you on any adventure, letting you go anywhere that your imagination takes you.

The Jimny does it in rugged style too, with a distinctive design that looks like nothing else on the road. The muscular wheel arches give the Jimny a big and bold stance, while the choice of eight distinctive body colours, in monochrome and two-tone style, further serves to highlight the Jimny’s individuality.

The Suzuki Swift is your fun everyday companion

If you prefer to go on adventures in the urban jungle, there is the fun and lively Suzuki Swift, which lets you break the monotony of everyday life and promises to bring joy into your daily routine. Its bubbly personality is matched with plenty of sensible practicalities to bring the right balance of work and play, ensuring that the Swift is the perfect companion for those who seek zest in life.

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The Swift’s chic styling turns heads wherever you go, with its sleek pillar-mounted rear door handles and choice of two-tone colour schemes. Its compact dimensions makes it easy to manoeuvre and park, but at the same time also gives the Swift a fun driving demeanour that’s endlessly entertaining behind the wheel.

It does so while still maintaining a sense of maturity and responsibility too, with its 1.2-litre DUALJET engine paired with a 12v lithium-ion battery in a mild hybrid setup allowing the Swift to deliver a smooth driving experience and exceptional fuel efficiency of up to 20.4km/L.

Its extensive suite of safety features, including adaptive cruise control, hill hold assist, dual-sensor brake support, lane departure warning, weaving alert and more means that the Swift is a dependable friend who will always look out for you even while you’re having fun.

The Suzuki S-Cross is your dependable all-round buddy

But when you need a friend to be always there for you, the Suzuki S-Cross promises to be that reliable buddy who will stick by your side through any situation. Spacious, safe, comfortable and yet bold enough to go with you on many adventures to create unforgettable memories.

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Its 1.4-litre direct-injection BOOSTERJET turbocharged engine and 48V Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki (SHVS) mild hybrid system delivers performance that is smooth, effective and yet energetic, while at the same time also managing to be exceptionally fuel efficient, giving you greater mileage to go further while being more responsible to the environment.

The S-Cross’s interior offers a combination of space and thoughtfulness, with plenty of room for passengers, along with a 440-litre capacity to accommodate all your stuff, whether from the weekly drive to the shops, or a family road trip holiday. The 9-inch infotainment touchscreen display allows for connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto via the USB port, opening up a world of convenience by allowing access to your favourite music and navigation apps at your fingertips.

Safety is definitely of paramount importance, and the S-Cross places it high on its priority list. The Suzuki Safety Support suite that comes standard includes features such as a 360 degree camera, Dual Sensor Brake Support, Lane Departure Warning, Emergency Stop Signal, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Weaving Alert, acting as your pair of extra eyes on the road and offering maximum protection for you and your family.

Suzuki cars offer an irresistible mix of style and substance

Suzuki’s lineup of cars span across a broad range, from the rugged Jimny, to the exciting Swift, and the family-friendly S-Cross. But one thing they all have in common is that they embody the Suzuki personality and character of being trailblazers while staying true and steadfast to the principles of dependability and reliability.

Whichever Suzuki model you go for, you can be assured that you will stand out from the crowd, with their head-turning style and eye-catching designs. At the same time, they deliver plenty of substance, with their engaging drive, while remaining grounded with its thoughtful practicalities and emphasis on safety.

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